At atis we try to minimize the amount of waste produced from our Sites as much as possible. We work alongside many partners to help achieve this goal.


Biopak provides our sites with compostable bowls that are made from plants which are designed for the circular economy. As a carbon conscious company, they offset the emissions their company produces to neutralize their carbon footprint.

First Mile

First Mile offers recycling and waste management services that prevent anything from ending up in landfills. They recycle and reuse as much of our waste as possible, with the goal of working towards a circular economy. Anything that cannot be recycled is used to generate green energy, and on top of that, they make a charitable donation for every refuse sack sold.


In an effort to reduce single-use packaging, CLUBZER0 provides our Just Eat Business customers with a returnable packaging system. They provide the reusable packaging, we provide the salad, as easy as that.

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